How we do it?
  • we care that you get great results

    • helped a hotel insurance  broker develop eightfold income increase

  • we specialise in the insurance market

    • trebled the number of customers for an insurance tech provider

  • we get stuck in

    • sourced and cleaned over 10,000 verified prospect details for a provider

Who We Are

IMSL, founded in 2001, undertakes business development assignments for insurance providers.

This generally involves supporting the development and launch of new business initiatives using a blend of digital and traditional marketing channels.

Our considerable experience combines marketing planning, product development, technology integration, marketing communication and sales support activity.

Recent assignments have all been concerned with creating effective "engagement" programmes that support customer journeys from discovery through quote, buy, bind, MTA, renewal and claim phases.

What Do We Do

Provide effective guidance and support in the following areas:

  • Analysis and Insight

  • Proposition Formulation

  • Technology Configuration

  • Distribution Channels

  • Marketing Communications

  • Lead Generation

  • Sales Conversion

  • Customer Experience (cx)

  • Business Processes

Why do you need better Marketing Capability?

Insurance needs a human connection.

Creating an organisation in which service truly gives a competitive distinction takes a deep understanding of both the market opportunity that exists and the hard work and expense needed to convert that opportunity into a solution through the efforts of the team.

Today's discriminating and aware customers expect both competitive prices and highly individualised efficient service. 

This requires you to have a belief that your customer is more than just today's sales target and allow your organisation to be consistently driven by their needs and wants.

At its simplest we draw upon a wide range of experiences and bring together a network of professional expertise to help take your insurance products to market and win more business.


We have extremely valuable associations with the following types of marketing service suppliers and actively manage their in/out sourcing:


  • market researchers

  • graphic designers

  • web services partners

  • insurance IT technology partners

  • risk management consultancies

  • underwriting capacity providers 

  • call centre (inbound and outbound) service providers

Why you need better Marketing Communication Capability?

The insurance service sector is full of complex decision making journeys, with multiple persons involved at various stages in their buying journey.

To be successful in business service marketing we must understand what matters to each person and how to build messaging that cuts through the noise.

You need to be able to clearly think about what’s really important to your customer, articulate what your solution is and why you can be trusted to deliver.

A one stop shop service for insurance development?

A fair for marketing definition is:


"Those aspects of management activity whose objective is to relate the organisation, and its unique abilities and competence, to the specific market place most suited to its resources."

Over the past seven years we have worked on branding, insurance and risk management integration, online prospecting systems, process systems and managing marketing support activity.  

We provide a unique one stop service centre for insurance business development.

What to Expect from us
Make it Personal

Insurenz Marketing Solutions Ltd

Ikan Bedford Business Centre

38 Mill Street, Bedford, MK40 3HD​

Tel: 01234 817201


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