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why use a risk professional?

In our experience business managers too often get entangled in technical information, wrongly estimate risk impacts and struggle to understand emerging risks.

With the right help, creating a risk register should only take 2-3 days to set up.  Although, in some areas, you may need to stretch further to produce mitigation and contingency plans.


The audience that Risk Register builders need to engage with should involve people from the board of directors down to junior levels. When your entire company understands potential hazards and what could happen if threats materialise you will be able to implement mitigating practices and loss control measures to help weather any storm.

Risk professionals bring an aptitude for detail, numeracy, problem-solving, decision making and communication who are able to:

  • spot risks that are not always obvious 

  • evaluate their likelihood and severity

  • recognise how they are interconnected and may impact upon other areas  

​how do I develop my Risk Register?

We have created this 5 minute videoscribe to illustrate the structure, explain the process and summarise the benefits of creating  a Risk Register 

Developing a working Risk Register will help you breakdown complexity through a systematic process of scanning, visualisation, quantification and mitigation.

what platform is best for my risk register?

We have tested and approved various workflow solutions in the past three years.

We will recommend the right platform for you depending on special requirements, accessibility, affordability, ease of use and data security.

Why develop a KeyRisks Register?

Risk reporting that is predictive and includes emerging threats

A platform that brings risk management  together in one place where risk data is continuously identified, assessed, visualised and shared within a user-friendly structured process

The No 1 step to Improve your management of risk

Building a KeyRisks Risk Register is the most practical way of identifying significant financial threats to your business. 

We think it is the  number 1 thing that would make a positive difference because when a Risk is identified in your Risk Register, it will be managed, consciously, intelligently and proactively

Focus on your KeyRisks which are those that Matter Most

  • litigation risks​

  • regulatory risks

  • intellectual property risks

  • cyber security and privacy risks

  • systemic risks

that threaten your ability to keep your business up and running

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